Anna Tuori

8 septembre – 11 octobre 2012, MARAIS

Tuori fashions her dreamy, magical landscapes through looping, undulating swathes of oil paint. She thins her oils and applies with a broad brush to give surprising depth and suggestions of perspective within a simple stroke. There is little sense of horizon in Tuoriʼs curious terrains, where horizontal and vertical plains hover back and forth, painted in saturated subaqueous, dirty ochre and vanilla colours. These suspended worlds flip between glinting night scenes and snowy day scenes, peopled by lingering, unobtrusive protagonists. Tuoriʼs cast of characters is painted in a fine, delicate hand and feel like miniatures through the play of scale in brushwork between figure and ground. The human characters are wraithlike with indistinct features. They appear to do little, observing and hanging around, accompanied by Finnish forest animals; squirrels, horses, owls and rabbits, a deer head, fairground paraphernalia and a snowmanʼs head with a Pinocchio-type nose.